Lauren and Austin

How We Met: We met at Emory & Henry College in Emory, Virginia where we both attended college.

how they asked: I am a 7th grade teacher at Dan River Middle School and Austin, my fiancé, works at WAKG and WBTM, radio stations in Danville. It was a normal Friday afternoon at school and we had an assembly to attend to introduce an Act of Kindness program that would begin the following week.

Some people from WAKG, where Austin Image 1 of Lauren and Austinworks, were there and told me they were covering the assembly to put on their website, so I didn’t think anything of the video cameras and cameras they had.

A few minutes later, the guidance counselor called me on stage to help them show the students what they were expecting of them, and I immediately got a little nervous because I hadn’t been paying full attention.

Her and my principal then blind folded me and told me to just go with it. By this time, my heart was racing and I heard some of the students gasp, making me even more nervous and thinking they were about to push me down the steps!

My principal announced to the students that their act of kindness may look something like this…then she removed the blind fold and there was Austin down on one knee.

He then asked me if I would marry him and I gasped and covered my mouth, immediately nodding my head yes because I couldn’t form words.

He slipped the BEAUTIFUL ring on my finger and everyone began yelling and clapping, some of the students were even crying!! My students were so excited to see their first proposal and quickly began asking if they could all be invited to the wedding.

Image 2 of Lauren and Austin

We had also planned a weekend getaway to the Biltmore in Asheville, NC and that is why he planned to do it that Friday. I couldn’t have picked a more wonderful setting for our proposal. I absolutely love that along with my family, my students and coworkers were able to share in this wonderful moment with Austin and I.