Lauren and Austin

How We Met

Austin and I met freshman year of college- Gen Chem 101. For the next 4 years we became very close friends, taking almost all our classes together. We realized a little too late (senior year) how we really felt for each other but decided it was best not to date since we were about to move to different states for new jobs. However after moving away, we spend the next 6 months on FaceTime every night because we just couldn’t help but miss the other so much. It was then we decided to make it official and spent the next year and a half in a long distance relationship. It was tough but worth it! We finally landed in the same city and have spent the past 5 years as happy as we were in our senior year of college!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Bali

How They Asked

In March of this year, Austin asked if I could take 5 days vacation in September. Of course, I said yes, and thus he continued to plan a trip with a destination unknown to me! After 7 years of dating, I was secretly hoping that he was planning to propose on this trip but never expected what lay ahead. I was instructed to pack lots of bathing suits and summer-like clothes, leaving me excited for a tropical location! 20 hours later, with a layover through Hong Kong, we arrived in BALI!! On day two of our trip, Austin planned a scuba diving excursion.

Lauren's Proposal in Bali

Our two dive guides were in on Austin’s secret plan and suggested I buddy up with one of them instead of Austin and jump in first, since I always end up with leftover air. This was a great plan to me! But little did I know that while I was swimming around exploring the ocean floor, Austin was finding the perfect spot to place a small treasure chest in the coral. I swam over and he pointed it out. I learned its contents includes a booklet of sweet notes and the question I had been waiting for: “Lauren, will you marry me?” While I read the tiny laminated notes, Austin settled to the bottom of the sea with a ring in hand. The dive instructor handed me an underwater slate for me to write my answer: “YES!”

Austin said he always wanted to ask me while scuba diving – something I would never expect (he was right!). While in college we were certified for open water scuba diving together – it was the first activity that was just our thing. While we try to go diving once a year, I’m not sure that any of my future dives will be quite as special!

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