Lauren and Ariel

It was September 5th three years ago when I matched with Lauren on coffee meets bagel. The prompts was “what’s your guilty pleasure” to which i responded “16 handles frozen yogurt”… Lauren replied “are you stalking me, because I’m here now” and the rest is as they say, history. I spent a lot of my time both personally and professionally djing and Lauren is/was always my biggest fan. No matter the weather, location or set time, she was always there so I figured I’d give her a special event completely dedicated to her.

Pulqueria was the ideal venue, as we went for a friends birthday and had the time of our lives, despite sitting most of the time due to a back injury. I knew right then and there, I’d fake a dj show at pulqueria and ask her to marry me.

With the help of pulqueria and under the disguise of a “last dj show” Lauren showed up to an empty dance floor adorned with pictures of us from our three years together.

Playing her favorite song “eyes” by kaskade, I asked the easiest question of my life on one knee and looking into her eyes, i got the answer I had hoped for.

Special Thanks

Olivia Christina