Lauren and Antonio

How We Met

Let’s take it back to September 1999 at Grange Hall Elementary School in Moseley, Va. Antonio and I were in the same kindergarten class sitting at the same small octagon table and I remember to this day getting my first crush. I would always want to be at stations together or next to him at nap time-but boys had cooties back then so I couldn’t tell anyone. Between kindergarten and high school, we were numerous classes together & my crush always stayed on the back of my mind, even if I was dating someone else; I knew I needed to date him. We dated in 2010 for a few months and the universe had other plans & we actually could not stand each other or talk again until November 2013 when he was home on Thanksgiving break. He walked into the pharmacy I was working to buy an Arizona tea & Jolly Ranchers all the way at the pharmacy register. He actually dropped his number on one of my Instagram posts and it took me hours to get the nerve to text him. From that first “Hey its Lauren” text that was it. I made weekly trips to ODU & moved there that spring after my dad passed away. We have been inseparable since and grown in so many ways.

Lauren's Proposal in Olive Garden

How They Asked

I planned Antonio a surprise dinner for his 25th birthday at Olive Garden at Short Pump and had invited our families and friends just to have a good time. I’m really bad at surprises so I was super impressed I pulled it off. Whenever I felt the urge to talk about it I would text his best friend Lamar asking if he thought he knew about it or if he knew if his other fraternity brothers were going to show. The day before his birthday Antonio came home & said he was going to get dog food and would be back; I thought it was a little strange because we normally go to the pet store together but hey whatever I had a long day at work and just wanted to relax.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Olive Garden

About an hour later he came come-on dog food in hand- and said it was in the car. Again strange but whatever I just wanted food. March 9th we woke up on his birthday & his dad had told them they had to meet with a guy for work & drinks to celebrate a job they had been working on.(thank goodness for his parents helping to get him to dinner) The night with his family there we all laughed and talked and surprised the mess outta him when he walked in.

He asked me to go stand up with him since I put it all together to thank everyone for coming. He started with everyone driving here to celebrate, his parents for helping me get him to the restaurant, his sister for coming when she swore she wasn’t and then turned to me and said, “Thank you, no one had ever done anything like this for me before, but I do have one question for you (in the smoothest fashion go down on one knee) will you marry me?” I jumped back 3 feet and in shock took a min to process what just happened and all I could do was shake my head yes! Turns out he didn’t buy dog food the day before he had bought my engagement ring and hid it in the car!!