Lauren and Anthony

How We Met

Anthony and I have been best friends since the 1st grade. My mom was his religion teacher and our parents are best friends. He has three older sisters(Johanna, Carmela, and Michele), I have three older brothers(Danny, Chris and Johnny) and our parents have always said one of us will be together! Well, all our siblings got married—not to each other and Anthony was dating someone for 6 years and I was dating someone for 7 years but it’s safe to say… there was ALWAYS something there between us.

He would always be the one I went to first whether for advice, or even to say hello at a party. To the point where my friends would ask if I had a crush on him! I always did.

Our families used to vacation in Montauk together and we were about 13 and we always planned to make out (haha) and one night i thought it would happen when all the kids slept on the beach and it never happened haha Flashback to when we were about 10(?) and had a party at my house and I got upset over something and Anthony came up to me where I was crying and just grabbed my face and kissed me, and then ran off back to our parents! We were each other’s first kiss!

So fast forward, we both ended up breaking off our long relationships and went to each other for advice about it and about life in general. We had sushi at a local place and just talked. I was really close with his sisters (in his oldest sister Johanna’s wedding in 10th grade) I’d go to his sister Michele’s for taco night or go do yoga. Finally, he started to join us when he could for tacos and we would literally just hang out!

He was an EMT with the FDNY and would get home around 4 am and on Halloween in 2016, I drunkenly needed a ride home from the train and he picked me up and that’s when we had our real first kiss. It was everything 13-year-old Lauren was hoping it be like since Montauk! We went on another date(for real) and it was so natural. Saw his dad that night and the smile and shock on his face that I was with Anthony were historical.

So, with some bumps and attempted interruptions from our ex’s, we stayed in secret for a few months. We got to really know each other with a lot of homemade pizza, tacos, and wine!

Then New Year’s Eve 2016, we spent upstate with two couples at his families cabin. No service, lots of alcohol and food! We had the best time! We went to dinner and posted a picture of all of us on Instagram and that was it! We were out! The amount of love we got was incredible. We had some Debbie downers, but we shooed then aside.

We became official down in Northport village on February 18, 2017. A lot happened that year but most challenging was his sister Carmela getting diagnosed with early on breast cancer and kicked its ass and I was battling my ITP (autoimmune disease). I got treatment to hopefully help my platelets not to drop(so far so good) then we found out my mother had stage 3 breast cancer. It was rough, chemo + radiation-thankfully my mom is “BIG RED” and proved how strong she really Is.

Just when we thought it was going to get a little better, March came and we went to Disney to watch my best friend get engaged only to get a phone call on our first night there that his brother in law ( Carmela’s husband ) died in a helicopter crash in Iraq (Christopher Raguso) And that was it, it all went down. We were the saddest and most heartbroken we’ve ever been but thankfully we had each other and our amazing family and friends to support.

To go through so many sad thing in a matter of four months and then something so devastating like losing our brother in law, really helped us stay close and really fall on each other for support and comfort and it showed us and everyone around us how much we truly love each other and are each other’s rock.

Anthony, when all of this happened was going through the process of becoming a fireman for FDNY(his dream Job- even more because his brother in law always encouraged him to be a fireman)

Her comes June, his surprise 30th comes and two days later he starts the academy! His mother and I teamed up and made sure his lunch and dinner were always made and he was able to shower and relax when he came home. (He would be sleeping by the last bite of food)

In July his family went to Montauk before they left Anthony and I went to help Carmela pack and she sent him to run “errands” -found out he was going to finalize on a ring!!

We have always talked about it and said we’re gonna get married but I always thought after the academy was over or 2019 we’d go try some rings on it whatever. wrong!

A week after, I went with my family to Montauk and that’s the week he physically had it in his hands! (Thanks to his amazing sisters for helping him while he was in the academy every week) My birthday is August 29 and on August 11th my mother threw me a surprise 30th birthday party.

how they asked

We were running errands and it was pouring all day so our brunch plans fell through. The rain stopped and my brother said he was going to our moms for a bbq-we decided to join and went home. Only to come home to our families and friends and to my dad – who lives in Florida- there, which immediately brought me to tears, and then him telling me to turn around and when I did, there he was, on his knee. 13-year-old Lauren SCREAMED! I was in such shock!!! All I saw was his big smile and his eyebrows raised saying “will you marry me?” I LITERALLY have dreamt about it since we were kids.

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My family, his family and all our friends were there, joined together to not only celebrate my birthday but our love and engagement!!! Two weeks later, we’re slowly making plans and on cloud nine. He graduates the FDNY academy in October and we are so excited to full start planning and enjoying our engagement!! I honestly didn’t think it was physically possible to love someone so much. He has shown me how I should be treated and loved and the same for him. We are so in love and so excited to finally say we’re getting married!

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Lauren and Anthony's Engagement in My houae

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