Lauren and Andy

How we met: We shared mutual friends we went to the same church and coached at a non-profit youth sports organization. We became really good friends and then got into a relationship the rest is history!

how they asked: The proposal was the best ever! It started out that morning the day before thanksgiving. He knows how much I love having my nails done and that my nails needed to be done especially before thanksgiving so he suggested I go make a nail appointment , so I did. When I was getting ready to pay the receptionist said your boyfriend called and he paid over the phone. I was surprised, that was so sweet of him. I then went home to get ready because we had dinner planned with his sister and one of our friends. He told me he was going to pick me up around 1:40 pm he texted me telling me he was at the door so I came downstairs to open the door when I opened the door it was his sister, I was shocked! She handed me a piece of paper basically saying how in order to have dinner tonight I have to find him. So how the game worked I wasn’t able to communicate with him only his sister could and so the first clue was to go to where we celebrated my birthday dinner this year. I had to take a picture at each location and have his sister send it to him then I would get my next clue. This went on and we went to various spots that had special meaning to us. He then sent me to go pick out a dress! Any dress I wanted! So I went to to shop and I couldn’t find any that I loved but that turned out to be good because we ended up matching! So then we went off to the final clue, which was to go to where we had our very first date this was at Pelican Hill in Newport Beach. I was told to find a gazebo so I searched and I am such a fan of the show the bachelor and this location was breathtaking as we were walking towards the gazebo I saw this girl standing there I told his sister if this girl knows my name he’s going to propose. I walk towards the girl and she says Are you Lauren? I said yes she said you have made it to the final rose I then screamed! I basically felt as though I was on the bachelor, it looked like the finale rose ceremony. As I was walking down the many stairs I saw him standing under the gazebo he wiped a tear and he was standing there with a rose. I walked over to him gave him a big hug and thus he proceeded to talk before he proposed he said he had some questions he asked if I would accept this final rose? Would I put an end to this rose ceremony? And then he got down on his knees and asked me to marry him. I was so shocked because he got me the ring I absolutely wanted it was a Neil Lane thus keeping with the bachelor theme. The proposal felt as though I was on the show the bachelor it was amazing! We then took some pictures and then went up to go eat dinner which then he surprised me again with my closest friends being there he also set up the area with many framed pictures of us, flowers, and a sign that he ordered saying She said Yes! It was the absolutely best day of my life!

Video by Studio 23