Lauren and Andrew - Chicago Marriage Proposal

Chicago is one of America’s most beautiful cities. We can’t believe how breathtaking this marriage proposal along the lake turned out!

May_May_David_Wittig_Photography_0017_lowHow they met:
Lauren is from California and was clerking for a law firm there, where she met Andrew. Andrew is from Chicago and happened to move to California for the summer on a chance meeting. He had been traveling in Oregon with his family, met a couple at a wine tasting, and struck up a conversation with them. This led to contact information exchanges and a job offer with them in California for the summer. “It was rather serendipitous” — Andrew.

The proposal:
Andrew decided to propose on Lauren’s birthday. He had led her to believe that he had bought her concert tickets, but that because of a crazy day at work, he didn’t have time to pick them up. On their way to dinner, he said he’d call the guy who has them and see if they can swing by to pick them up. The “guy” he called was actually Dave, of David Wittig Photography, who had spoke with Andrew earlier in the day about photographing the engagement. Dave told Andrew (who was on speaker phone) that he just got off work at the Planetarium and that he could meet him there. Lauren’s reply was, “Of course the hipster guy you’re buying tickets from works at the Planetarium” and never second guessed it.

It was a hot day and Andrew suggested that she get out of the hot cab and come with him to meet the guy– Dave. They walked over along the lake, right in front of the city and he said “There’s not actually anyone that we’re meeting out here.”

“What do you mean?”

“The person that actually has your birthday present is your future husband.” This is when he dropped to one knee and proposed.







Chicago Marriage Proposal

Afterwards they went over to his parents house and had dinner with both of their families to celebrate together.




Photos by David Wittig Photography