Lauren and Andrew

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Bali, Indonesia

How We Met

We met in college, my roommate at the time was dating his best friend. We would always hang out and were great friends! He would always ask me to go out on dates, but I always kindly turned him down as I did not want to ruin our friendship! Fast forward 3 years he was now living in Houston, and I was moved to Houston after graduation. He asked me again to dinner, and all of my friends pushed me and forced me to finally say yes, and the rest is history!

Lauren and Andrew's Engagement in Bali, Indonesia

how they asked

We were traveling in Bali for the week with my parents. Side note: I am an over the top CRAZY trip planner and had everything down to the minute of what we were doing each day on this trip. A few months before the trip, he asked if he could plan just one thing for us, and I told him okay you can plan… a dinner? And he said perfect! So on the third night of the trip he had his dinner planned and did not tell me where we were going, or at what time and I was lounging by the pool and he came outside and said we need to leave in 30 minutes for dinner! I frantically replied “30 MINUTES?!?” Ran inside jumped in the shower and attempted to get ready as quickly as possible throwing on make up in the car and my hair soaking wet we got into the cab 30 minutes later and headed off. We arrived at a resort about 20 minutes from where we were staying and he gave the front desk our name and we patiently waited, and waited, and waited for our table. All the while I’m thinking I let you plan this one thing!! Haha. Finally, the lady at the front desk indicated they had a car out front to take us to our table on the beach. To this, I was excited as I’ve never actually eaten dinner on a beach! We loaded up into the back of a pickup truck and they took us all through the jungle for at least 20 minutes all the way down to the beach.

Lauren's Proposal in Bali, Indonesia

When we finally arrived my mom was taking pictures of the truck (which I thought was weird but also not abnormal as she takes thousands of took pictureson trips of everything! Haha) so we walked ahead of them to get to our table. Once we finally got down the beach a bit I noticed this INSANE dinner set up inside of a cave completely lit up by candles. Andrew told me to put my stuff down and hurry to go take a picture by the water as it was perfect lighting right before the sun was starting to set. So we started to walk to the water and he started mumbling all this stuff that did not make sense.

And I turned to him and asked him what on earth he was talking about, and then he looked at me and grabbed both my hands and got down on one knee and then I realized what was actually happening and have no idea what else he said as I blacked out, other than when he asked me to marry him and I said “of course!!!” Then he said, “is that a YES?!” And I said “that’s a HELL YES!” He then pulled out the ring and grabbed my left hand and was frantically shaking from being so nervous and tried to put it on my middle finger, and I told him “no, no wrong finger” then he switched to my right hand, and I could not stop laughing and told him “no, no right hand, wrong finger!!!” Then he gave me the ring and said “PLEASE YOU PUT IT ON THE RIGHT ONE IM TO NERVOUS RIGHT NOW!” it was so cute!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Bali, Indonesia

Afterward, my parents had been watching the whole thing, as well as a hidden photographer in the cave, was capturing the entire thing on camera!! We were able to celebrate with my parents and they served us all of my favorite dinner items- lobster, shrimp, and tuna with my absolute FAVORITE champagne- Veuve Clicquot! The finishing perfect touch for the evening: I am completely obsessed with my dog, and when we sat down for dinner I said there’s just one thing missing tonight… LOU (my dog) right after saying this I was handed this little-wrapped gift on the table that I was told to open, and when I did it was a framed picture of my sweet dog with a sign that said: “She said yes!” It was the most perfect proposal I could ever imagine and will forever be the best night of my life!!