Lauren and Andrew

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How We Met

From Lauren’s Perspective: Andrew and I met for the first time on a warm fall night in September of 2014. After chatting for a few days via Tinder and text message we decided to meet in person. Andrew picked the location – Tavern on Grand in Saint Paul and we agreed on a time – 8 PM. It was a Thursday night and the bar was hosting a trivia night, but we were too busy chattering away to play the game. We both remember something the other was wearing – Andrew remembers my bright blue pants and I remember his University of Wisconsin “Bucky” shirt and cowboy boots! I also remember that Andrew was drinking Bell’s Two Hearted Ale which is funny because he’s a Miller Lite drinker 99% of the time! After a few (several) beers and hours of getting to know each other, he walked me to my car. We hugged for what seemed like 5 minutes! I remember telling Ashley that night that I had met the man that I was going to marry!

From Andrew’s Perspective: The first time we met was at Tavern on Grand in St Paul. I chose the tavern for its romantic curb appeal and its reputation for being a hard place to get a reservation!:). Little do most people know, when you walk in and they ask you for your name if you say the word “bar” you will be immediately given a spot at the bar… allowing you to avoid the hour long wait! Now for my outfit, damn I was looking good from head to toe. As stated above I had my gray “bucky” t-shirt on…..classic. For pants I was wearing a pair of dark blue Levi jeans, you know the ones that make my butt look good! Lastly, the most important aspect to my outfit was my “shit kickers”, what women doesn’t love a man in a pair of cowboy boots. Now, none of this matters because the moment I saw Lauren walk thru the door, rocking those tight blue pants every thought in my mind was gone, it was like I forgot everything! She was so damn BEAUTIFUL!!! So I took a deep breath, pulled her chair out, we ordered drinks and the rest is history.

*Side-note: As stated above from Lauren’s perspective “We hugged for like 5 minutes”, she’s not kidding. My perspective was I might have a stage 5 clinger here! But I kid you not, to this day I would not take back any one of her hugs, each hug has meant the world to me. Cheers.

how they asked

From Lauren’s Perspective: Andrew’s Mom, Joanie, convinced me that Carley had insisted they wait for her to get to town before getting their family’s Christmas Tree. This wasn’t unusual because historically Carley was around to pick out the tree and decorate it so I believed this without a doubt! On Friday, December 15, 2017, after complaining to a coworker about having to go cut a Christmas Tree down with Andrew’s family, I left work early and met Andrew at home to head to the Christmas Tree Farm. We talked about the Star Wars movies in the car on the way there because the newest one was coming out that weekend. Neither of us is a Star Wars fan.. We pulled into Krueger’s Christmas Tree Farm in Lake Elmo, MN and Andrew called Carley to find out where they were – they had beaten us there. She gave Andrew directions and we headed her way. We had to walk through the woods for a while before we came to an area where there was a lit tree. I remember thinking “how cool to have just one tree with lights on it out here!”. I also remember asking “where is Carley?”. As we got closer to the tree I saw the sign that read “Lauren will you marry me?”! Andrew got down on one knee and I don’t remember exactly what he said, but it was something like; “Baby, I love you. These last 3 years together have been amazing – ever since the day I saw you in those blue pants. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Lauren Curtis Braiedy, will you marry me?” He pulled out an incredibly beautiful ring and of course I said YES!

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We kissed and I asked who decorated the tree!? While this was all happening Carley (and Alan) were there taking photos of every second! We celebrated with them briefly before Andrew told me he had another surprise for me. There was a cute little cabin on the property that Andrew and his family had decorated with Christmas lights, a wreath, and a mistletoe.

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Inside there was a little heater, candles, and champagne! We had a few moments to ourselves to take it all in. Then Carley and Alan joined us for a toast. After more photos and thanking the owners of the farm we tied the tree on top of the Jeep – still lit – and headed to Andrew’s parent’s house where our family and friends were waiting to shower us with “Congratulations!” and hugs!

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From Andrew’s Perspective: This was no easy feat. How the hell do you ask the women you love for her hand in marriage. Like any good boy scout or hunter it is imperative to scout out your location. So I began there, weeks prior to the proposal I headed north to Lake Elmo to scout out Kreuger’s Christmas Tree Farm. I did my reconnaissance on their website learning the history of the farm and who the current owners were. So as I arrived, I was on a mission to meet Neil the owner. Once I saw him I went up and introduced myself and asked for his permission to propose on his property, he said “absolutely let me show you around” so we hopped in his side by side and toured the farm. Neil brought me to the back 40 which was a good clip from the parking lot. You could definitely say over the hill and through the woods! That’s when I saw the Christmas tree I wanted to propose to Lauren under. Neil gave me the go ahead. Now fast forward to Dec. 15, I took a half day at work. My proposal set-up team (Mom, Dad, Carley, Alan and Cathy) were ready to strike!

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We all arrived on site and piled into the 4 runner, I mean that! Joanie, the driver of this expedition, took us bombing across the Christmas tree farm, bringing us to the path through the woods. We unloaded all the gear into sleds and began the journey back to the “tree”. The next few hours were spent decking out the Christmas tree and sleeper cabin to the nines! It was epic and the Sexton girls pulled it off flawlessly!!! With no time to spare I rocket shipped home to go pick up Lauren because she was under the pretense we were going Christmas tree shopping for the Lanpher Christmas tree. Little did she know- HA!! So Lauren and I arrive on site. The first thing I did is call Carley and asked her where she and Alan were. I already knew this information since I was just there 30 minutes ago! It was all a part of the plan!!!

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So Lauren and I headed out to go meet up with them. Carley and Alan were hiding in the sleeper cabin waiting for Lauren and I to walk by before they did the sneak attack to take pictures. As Lauren and I wandered past the sleeper cabin we were closing in on the lit up Christmas tree (yes it was a Fraiser Fir). As we arrived at the little, secluded Christmas tree patch, Lauren asked “where’s Carley”? I said “I don’t know” and we proceeded to walk up to the Christmas tree. Once we were at the base of OUR tree, I grabbed both of Lauren’s hands and got down on one knee! And I said, “Baby, since the day I saw you walk into Tavern on Grand with those blue pants, I was in love!!! The past 3 years have been a roller coaster of fun and excitement, and I want to spend the next sixty by your side.””Lauren Curtis Braiedy, will you marry me?”

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