Lauren and Andrew

Proposal Ideas Glenmere Mansion

How We Met

Is a funny story. Andrew and I met on TINDER (so embarrassed to say that)! We talked for about three weeks before we actually met, I had to make sure he wasn’t some weirdo. On our first official date, we met on the Upper East Side in NYC, and walked around, and then stopped in Barneys. We shopped around a little and then had dinner. At dinner he told me I should come up to his house in Vermont for the weekend. I was definitely very apprehensive at first because I barely knew him but something in my gut told me “JUST GO”, so I did. The entire drive up we talked and laughed. We had the same taste in just about everything. I felt like I was hanging out with my best friend that I’ve known for years. I remember thinking to myself that weekend, “This is the guy I’m going to Marry, and we’re going to get married here in Vermont.” Needless to say, we had the best weekend together and from that day forward we barely spent a day apart. Three years later we’re getting married and planning our wedding at Andrews house in Vermont!

Lauren and Andrew's Engagement in Glenmere Mansion

Where to Propose in Glenmere Mansion

how they asked

Andrew proposed to me at our favorite hotel, the Glenmere Mansion in Chester, New York on our third anniversary. We had gone to the Glenmere for our past two anniversaries so part of me had a feeling that it could happen while we were there.When we got there we went right to the restaurant for lunch and they sent our bags up to our room. Little did I know that everything had been set up before we arrived. After lunch we went up to the room, and the first thing I saw when I walked in was a bottle of Champagne with a card that that said O M G (the O being a diamond ring). Then I noticed the flowers and pictures, etc. And I turned around and Andrew proposed with the most beautiful Three Stone Ring with a Pale Yellow diamond. Everything was absolutely perfect.