Lauren and Andrew

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How We Met

Andrew and I met in the same place his parents met! All of us attended the University of Alabama and there is an iconic gameday bar right next to campus, probably the only bar that was there when his parents attended and when we did. Back in 2015, both of the friends we were with individually knew each other and started talking, which led to Andrew and I striking up a conversation and going on our first date a few days later. The rest is history!

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How They Asked

I model and am signed with an agency here in Houston. I received an email from my agent a couple of weeks earlier that a photographer was interested in shooting with me for a project she was working on. The photographer got in touch with me and explained the whole concept, all about hidden gems in Houston and that my location would be a park near the downtown skyline. Absolutely everything seemed legitimate!

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At the shoot, the photographer positioned me between a line of trees, along a gravel path, for our editorial photoshoot. We had been shooting for about five minutes when I heard footsteps behind me and thought it was so odd a stranger was getting in my shot as there was plenty of room to go around. The footsteps kept getting louder and I finally turned around. Needless to say from the photos, I was shocked when I saw Andrew on one knee!

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I was so surprised and happy as he proposed and, of course, I said yes. Then, my family (from Iowa) and his (from North Carolina) walked out from around a corner, which was another complete surprise! That’s when I started to cry, as it all began to sink in!

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The photographer captured everything as it happened, then took Andrew and me to have an engagement shoot right there in the park. After, Andrew and I went to dinner with our families to celebrate. Both families were in town for the weekend, so it was such a treat to spend time together with everyone and enjoy being engaged! It was the PERFECT day and he put in so much effort to make sure every detail was perfect, from my outfit to the nails, to our families in attendance. He truly pulled off the surprise of a lifetime!

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Special Thanks

Ana Lavalle
 | Photographer
Zach David Cross
 | Photographer