Lauren and Andres

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I work as a mental health counselor and I was having a particular difficult week. I was 3 months away from graduating with my masters and was feelings overwhelmed with stress. Andres noticed it and suggested he take me on a surprise date that weekend. He told me to take work off that Saturday and not to worry, that he would plan everything out. Saturday morning came and Andres picked out an outfit for me to wear and told me to grab my bathing suit. We drove down A1A to Eau Spa and Resort where my first surprise awaited me! Andres was a mess; he forgot to give the valet his keys and kept insisting that lump in his pocket was from the digital camera. I didn’t think a thing of this in the moment! It was not unlike him to bring the camera and I assumed his absent-mindedness could have been related to being a little hungover from our night before. My first surprise was brunch at Temple Orange inside the resort. After we ate, I thought my surprise ended there and started walking to the car. “Are you ready for your next surprise?” Andres said. Another surprise! “We’re going to enjoy a day at the spa!” All I was thinking was “who are you!?” Still, thinking this was the moment we had talked about so many times was so far from my mind. It was raining a little bit outside and the only all gender area was the outside patio which was closed due to weather. We spent a good 30-40 minutes alone in our sides and texting each other and taking pictures of ourselves in the jacuzzi to send to the other. The weather finally cleared and we met outside and sat in the swings and played a game of chess. Andres suggested we order a drink and lay down in one of the cabanas. We ordered our Bloody Mary’s and went to snuggle up under the cabana. Andres left to use the restroom (later I would find out that he went to get the ring!) and I enjoyed myself on the cabana just feeling very relaxed and grateful. When he came back, he started saying things about how much he loved me and how much he wanted to marry me. This was not an uncommon conversation given that we had been together 4 years. I reciprocates by saying “let’s get married!” And he said “okay, right now?” “Right now!” I got up to close the curtains of our cabana in hopes to have some privacy and I turned around to Andres on one knee with the most beautiful ring!!

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