Lauren and Alfred

How We Met

I was 16, he was 17. Our best friends were dating each other & it was only a matter of time before our path’s would cross. It happened one night during the summer of 2008, I was at my friend’s house sitting on the trampoline & I remember watching that white truck pull in the driveway. Then I blinked & it was November 18, 2017…

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how they asked

Alfred was getting ready for “work” & I was getting ready for lunch with my Dad. We drove out to Oak Hill (a place I had fallen in love with on a field trip when I was 15) for some landscape inspiration. I had just stepped into the garden when I saw a familiar face, my sweet Alfred, smiling at me with a leather notebook in his hand & I whispered a quick “yes” under my breath. He met me halfway & guided me to the fountain where he read the sweetest words I have ever heard. (Side note: he actually wrote the word “kneel” so he wouldn’t forgetLauren and Alfred's Engagement in Oak Hill)

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Special Thanks

Brooke Womack
 | Photographer