Lauren and Alex

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How We Met

We met each other through e-harmony. I was having a bit of rough luck when it came to dating. After about a week of searching, Lauren found me and we instantly had a connection. I had butterflies in my stomach before meeting her but then there was something about her that made me at ease and excited to be in that moment. To feel the way I do about her and never really feeling like that before, It might seem cliche, but it was almost poetic.

It amazes me to this day, that I remember the littlest of details about our first date. We met for the first time two weeks after we connected through e-harmony. I wanted it to perfect and unique, so I chose to meet her at the a restaurant. She was wearing an orange and white striped shirt and I was pretty anxious at this time because I was at the restaurant 30 minutes early. She looked at me with a sort of shy smile and all I can remember is at that point I knew where I was meant to be and that was right by her side.

how they asked

With Lauren I wanted to do something so unique, so unexpected, something so well thought out, that other people will be inspired and perhaps feel the way I feel about Lauren. She is so special and I wanted to show her how truly amazing she is. My grandfather told me one time that “people are not built by the trials they endured, but by the people that were there, who picked them up and helped them through it”. I believed that her family and friends were a huge influence on her and it seemed perfect for them to be involved.

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Her best friend took her for a walk in the park.

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There was a brick walkway that they strolled down with trees and flowers all around.

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Halfway down the path, some Lauren’s friends popped out of the trees and surprised her.

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Her dad then come down the path, followed by her family and her daughter.

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At this point, the guitarist I hired started playing a song that was special to us “From The Ground Up” by Dan and Shay.

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Her dad took her arm and lead her down the rest of the brick path where I was waiting.

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I got down on one knee, with all of her friends and family surrounding us.

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I asked her to marry me, and she said “Yes!”

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