Lauren and AJ

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How We Met

Lauren and AJ first met the day after her twenty first birthday. With a hand full of birthday money she headed to FYE in Glendora to take advantage of the sale she had heard of. AJ was working with a friend that day talking at the register when she walked in. The door opened, their eyes met and AJ was stopped by her beauty. He knew he needed to know her somehow. All she could think was how this stranger had made her feel more beautiful with one look than anyone in her life had ever made her feel before.

When the time came to ring her up AJ signed her up for a membership card and thinking he would never see her again, he copied her information down and took it home to look her up on Facebook. Lauren became somewhat of a regular at FYE over the next couple months, so when the store closed down AJ felt that they become friendly enough that he could add her on Facebook, finally. They were both overjoyed that they were able to remain friends, and they continued talking over Facebook until AJ gathered the courage to ask her to hang out.

A year after they first met they agreed to meet at the Starbucks near her home. Lauren arrived early and her nerves were on edge as she waited for him to walk through the doors. She saw him through the glass, the biggest smile crept across her face and remained there until he walked up to her and hugged her. From that moment on they were inseparable.

how they asked

On April 2nd 2016, AJ’s twenty sixth birthday, he took her out to spend the day together shopping for pops as they often did and to see the new Batman vs. Superman movie.

They arrived early to the theater and as the First Look started to play, the screen went black and AJ appeared in the same Starbucks where they had really connected for the first time four years prior.

He watched Lauren’s eyes widen and her heart pound as his had been all day.

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She stared at the screen intently as the movie he made for her played, as one by one his family members told her how much they loved her and how happy they were to welcome her into the family.

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Come the end of the video he got down on one knee and choked out the words “will you marry me?”

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Her answer of course, though mumbled, a “yes.” The theater cheered and clapped for them as they held each other tighter than the first embrace they shared all those years ago.

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They are so excited to start their future together and to share their wedding with all their friends and family.

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