Lauren and Adam

How We Met

My fiancé, Adam, and I met at work and bonded over a love for the great outdoors. We are avid hikers, constantly pushing each other to go further, and have explored various parts of the rugged Anza Borrego State Park throughout our relationship. A couple years ago he introduced me to one place in particular, somewhere within the Santa Rosa Mountains, that stuck with me. It’s such a magical place – you begin at a desert valley bottom littered with ancient pieces of Native American pottery and petroglyphs, then pick your way up the canyon through boulders and cacti until you reach a gorgeous field covered in every shade sage and gold you can imagine. It’s a place where you can feel the warm presence of past inhabitants, of people who have enjoyed the very same spot hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years ago.

how they asked

This past Christmas, when Adam suggested we bring our siblings along on our usual winter desert hike, I agreed it would be a great opportunity to show them this special little corner of the Earth. I warned him to make sure that they were well aware of how grueling the hike was – you start early morning and are lucky to get back to the car before nightfall. However, in typical Adam fashion, he made it sound like a walk in the park, and several of our crew showed up in footwear that could barely pass as sneakers, or without sun protection, or just fully unaware of the level of intensity Adam signed them up for.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Anza Borrego State Park

However, even after being led “slightly” off route through a steep, slippery slope (my fiancé was a mountain goat in a past life, I’m sure of it), and after literal blood, sweat, and tears, the crew insisted on continuing. Hours of boulder-hopping later (much fun in my and Adam’s book, not so fun according to others), we made it to the field. I noticed some people started to act standoffish, but thinking it was just exhaustion, I helped Adam lead them to our favorite lunch spot – a large boulder in the middle of the field – and then things started to click for me. With several iPhones pointed at us, Adam pulled me atop the boulder, and got on one knee! He said something adorable (and now fuzzy – we were both nervous!) about all the adventures we’ve been on, asking me to follow him on this next big adventure. I, of course, accepted!

Where to Propose in Anza Borrego State Park

After he popped the question, my future brothers-in-law pulled out a couple bottles of bubbly that they lugged all the way up that mountain, and we enjoyed a toast in my favorite place, with my favorite people. BEST HIKE EVER!