LauraLynn and Brian

Engagement Proposal Ideas in In a photobooth on the boardwalk In Wildwood NJ

How We Met

Growing up, Brian and LauraLynn crossed paths quite a bit with friends in the same family. But with an eight year age difference they weren’t really hanging out or thinking about each other in a romantic way. After years past they bumped into eachother in the town of Wyndmoor. The two exchanged phone numbers and began texting, this went on for about a month. Then one night LauraLynn called Brian and the two of them talked for hours. The next day Brian asked LauraLynn to have a movie night at his house, it was thundering and lightning that night. Brian asked LauraLynn if the wanted to go watch the lightning. They were in his garage with the door open. After a minute or so of watching the rain fall and the lightning strike, rian pulled LauraLynn in to the street. So in the street, in the middle of the rain, Brian kissed LauraLynn. After the kiss he said “so are you my girlfriend?” LauraLynn’s response to him was “so are you my boyfriend?” The two went to kiss, Brian head butted LauraLynn causing her nose to bleed.

how they asked

After two and a half years of being together Brain and LauraLynn took their son to the shore all the time, but this Friday July 3rd, was Fourth of July weekend. They were excited to spend time on the beach and enjoy the fireworks. And since Wildwood sets off fireworks every Friday night during the summer the two decided to go to the boardwalk. They got ready after some time on the beach, while LauraLynn was in the shower, Brian showed Ms Brisgone the ring he was going to propose with later that night.

After taking a ride on the trolley, Brian and LauraLynn walked the boardwalk with Connor sleeping in the stroller. After walking around for a while Connor woke up so Brian and LauraLynn decided to go in to one of the arcades and get photo booth pictures. In the photo booth Connor was screaming and as LauraLynn tried to calm Connor down, Brian got down on one knee and said “LauraLynn Kelly Farley, will you marry me?” She immediately said yes and put the ring on her finger! The two ended their photo booth pictures with a kiss. After collecting their photos, where you hardly tell what’s going on do to Connor being all over the place, they walked out of the arcade to the start of the Friday night fireworks.

LauraLynn's Proposal in In a photobooth on the boardwalk In Wildwood NJ