Laura and Jon

Image 1 of Laura and Jon

How We Met

The year was 2014. Jon and I both work at the same hospital. He works in IT and I work as an Administrative Specialist. Jon was always so kind and helpful. He would become my go-to guy for technical assistance. Eventually, I began to wonder if the blank expression on his face meant he was growing weary of my frequent requests for help. But if you ask him, he’ll say that he was thinking about how he was going to marry me someday (I still don’t believe that)!

One day, while working on my Manager’s computer, Jon very casually asked if I’d like to go and grab a burrito with him (he says the cough syrup he had taken for a cold gave him the courage to ask). Of course, I agreed to go…because who doesn’t love burritos?!

I can easily say, it was the best decision I ever made!

how they asked

It was Valentine’s Day 2017. I remember being really bummed out about being alone on V-Day. You see, my oldest was in school and my Fiancé, Jon, was headed off to work. And me? Oh, I was at home 36 weeks pregnant with a rare and awful pregnancy condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum. I knew I’d be home alone on that day and was secretly hoping to wake up to a surprise, but the Morning came and there was nothing. And so I lay there, miserable, pouting, and trying to garner sympathy from anyone who would look in my direction! I didn’t want to be alone, especially not on that day! It was nearing the time when Jon would be home. I’d practically been counting down the minutes. I hurried and willed myself into the shower so I could look nice for him (OK, so I didn’t really look nice, but at least I didn’t stink)! Jon came home to find me in the bed and asked me to come downstairs. When I entered the dining room there were beautiful long stem red roses in a vase with a card, a Coke, and a bag of Hot Cheetos (he always gets me Hot Cheetos when he gets me roses)! I was thrilled at this small, but meaningful gesture of love! It was enough just to know he had thought about me! He then retreated to the kitchen and came back with one more surprise. It was a little box he pulled from the cabinet above our bearded Dragon we named Taco. I knew it was jewelry, but figured it was a necklace or a pair of earrings. He hands it to me and as I’m opening it he says “Its not the ring you wanted…”, but it was! He fell to his knee and I sat in the kitchen chair before him, crying into his shoulder. It was just Jon, our unborn baby boy, and me – hair in a wet bun with pjs on, bursting at the belly! There were no fireworks, or castles. No magic or helicopter rides. But it was everything to me to know that the man I wanted to spend my life with, wanted to spend his life with me too. To be honest, I don’t remember what he said, but I remember how I answered…”Yes!”

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