Laura Beth and Seth | Proposal at The Biltmore

How We Met: Seth is from Asheville, North Carolina and I am from Searcy, Arkansas so us meeting was truly all the work of God. When Seth was in high school he became good friends with a youth leader intern named Chris. Chris later moved to Arkansas where he met Jen, one of my K-Life leaders, and they got married. Seth drove all the way from NC to be in Chris’ wedding which took place in Searcy and this is where we first saw one another. It wasn’t until a year later that Chris and Jen encouraged us to get to know each other even though we lived several states away. Many text messages, phone calls, and skypes later we had our first official date at the Biltmore in Asheville.


On February 12, 2011 we finally made it official and six months later Seth was accepted into a masters program in Arkansas and the rest is history!

how they asked: Seth is currently in PT school and so this past semester he did a rotation back in his hometown of Asheville. I flew out there for Thanksgiving and then I had a trip planned for right after Christmas so we could spend some good, quality time out there with his family before he came back to Arkansas. When I was there for Thanksgiving he showed me this letter he had received in the mail from the Biltmore saying he had won a free carriage ride, but it was only available on a few particular dates, only one being when I was going to be there over Christmas. He was so excited that he had won something that I agreed to go even though I really don’t enjoy being cold!

So Christmas rolls around and the next thing I know I am flying back out to Asheville to see Seth. Before I left he made sure to remind me to pack something “warm and festive” for our big carriage ride. Not really knowing what he meant by festive I just packed something nice that I could wear to church and then the carriage ride and warm coat! On that Sunday we went to church and then had lunch and relaxed a little before our carriage ride. His whole family was just calm and relaxed so I had no idea what was coming next.

We show up to our ride and there is a photographer sitting there telling us he works for Biltmore and will be taking our pictures while we are the ride, it was part of the package. I was feeling pretty awkward at this point but Seth said to just go with it. About five minutes into the ride we are on this little hill where you can see the entire back the house and the beautiful mountains all around us and they tell us that we are going to stop to take some pictures. Seth helps me out of the carriage and we pose for a few pictures and then I start heading back to the warm blanket I had been covered up in when he grabs my arm and turns me around. He gets down on one knee and to be honest I was so shocked and elated by the moment that I’m not really sure what all happened next. The photographer got everything though!

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That wasn’t the only surprise Seth had planned for me though! After we finished our carriage ride, he told me we were going to have dinner with his family. We walk into the restaurant and turn the corner and there are all of our family and friends gathered together to celebrate this most exciting day with us. It was the best gift he could have ever given me to have my family come all the way out from AR to NC to celebrate with us. I have beyond blessed to have Seth in my life and I am more and more thankful for him everyday.

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Photography: Steve Brady Photography // Jeweler: John Laughter Jewelry // Location: The Biltmore