Laura-Anne and William

How We Met

William and I met in the beginning of my sophomore year in college where I was enrolled at Pitt community college. William and I saw each other at a party where he knew the same people I knew. We never spoke to each other that very first night, but a few weeks later I received a Facebook message from him. One week later we went on a date back home where we were both from, Conway NC. We actually didn’t live but 5 minutes away from each other in Conway, NC. We instantly hit it off and I decided to move back home several months into my sophomore year and start at a different community college closer to home. We moved in together just in three months into our relationship. Crazy right?! No! We are now 3 years and 6 months together.

how they asked

William’s family goes on vacation every year, the same week to Nags Head North Carolina or “OBX”. This family vacation I went on this year on July 24, 2017 went a little different from the other two I have been on with his family. On this particular day, William asked me with our Chocolate Lab Marly to become his Wife. This moment happened so fast. We were all getting ready to go out to eat to a local restaurant called Sugar Creek when this moment happened.

I was sitting on this picnic table on the beach cottages deck watching the waves just thinking. William came out of the door to sit with me. He told me “hey stand up, I want to give you a hug”. So I did. I leaned up thinking we were getting ready to go eat when I saw our dog Marly walking around the deck corner with a big white Bow around her neck with a sign saying “Mom, Dad wants to know if you will say yes?”

At that moment, Will was behind me with one knee down with a ring box in his hand asking me to be his forever. I said YES!!!! I am someone’s forever. Our story is just the beginning. Mr. & Mrs. Allen to be ❤️