Laura and Zach

How We Met

As cliche as it sounds…I slid into his DM’s. That’s right, I made the first move. And my pick up line was about his dog, of course. After months of Face Time dates, text messages, and ugly selfies, I boarded a flight to Charlotte, NC with a final destination to La Crosse, WI. Yes, Wisconsin. In January. Love makes you do crazy things, y’all. Do to a short layover and my plane leaving early (thanks, anonymous airline), I missed my flight in Chicago. I broke the news to Zach that was the last flight of the day, and I would be stuck in Chicago until morning. He thought I was joking while his family thought my plan to kidnap him was unfolding. But, like a modern-day knight on his stead, Zach loaded up in his F150, hitting the road to pick me up. There I was, in the restroom near baggage claim, trying to calm my nerves by sucking down a mini bottle of vodka I had leftover from my flight. At this point, it was pure adrenaline keeping us both awake. Zach had been up since 3 am cleaning his house while I was coming off of 5-night shifts in a row. Four hours later, Zach made it to Chicago where he met me curbside with a kiss. I think that is when we both knew we were beginning the adventure of a lifetime. Zach and I now live in Wisconsin with our two labs and thirteen chickens.

How They Asked

After many round trip flights, Zach proposed to Laura on top of a bluff in the Mississippi River Valley. Laura received a ride in a helicopter to a nearby bluff, where Zach was waiting with both their families and friends. It was love since their first kiss in Chicago, so of course, she said yes! There on the bluff top, the newly engaged couple popped champagne and shared laughs along with tears of joy by a bonfire.

Laura and Zach's Engagement in La Crosse, Wisconsin

Zach and Laura then buckled up in the helicopter for a scenic sunset ride along the Mississippi River (taking a bottle of champagne with them, of course). Long love story short, Zach and Laura will be getting married in western NC amongst family, friends, and their two labs.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in La Crosse, Wisconsin

Laura's Proposal in La Crosse, Wisconsin

Wedding Proposal Ideas in La Crosse, Wisconsin