Laura and William

how we met

We met each other while we were students at Wilfrid Laurier University. We happened to pick up a job working at the poster sale that is on campus every year, and he walked me to my bus stop before very shyly asking for my number.

There was never really any doubt for me. He was so eager to take me out, and have me meet his family (who he’s very close with), and go to events and shows and cottage trips. He was everything that I wanted a boyfriend to be and he did it because he wanted to, not because he felt like he had to.

how they asked

So about 8 months before it had happened we had been talking about getting engaged and had gone ring shopping, but shortly after I was offered a job contract in BC (we live in Ontario). After 4 months of living apart, he came to visit after my contract was done. We had this big trip planned to drive through the National Parks and stop at Lake Louise and Banff, but before we even left where I had been working we hiked to the top of a mountain and he proposed there! That was definitely a surprise and a very cherished memory!

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