Laura and Walt

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How We Met

Walt and I knew each other from friends and social media. After going back and looking, we’d been friends on Facebook and Instagram for over a year before we actually met in person. After talking online and meeting officially at a local fitness competition, I drove an extra 30 minutes to the restaurant he was bartending and ended up leaving my number on my receipt. The rest is history- with fairytale acts of romance from Walt and my complete denial that I could keep him around.

how they asked

Walt tells everyone that he knew on our second date that he was going to marry me. We met and started dating in February and in September he was buying a ring! A local photographer put out an ISO for couples willing to travel for a photo shoot and I nominated us! Well, when I told Walt about it, he called the photographer and told her he planned to propose to me and wanted to use the session to do it; and we won! ?

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After a long day of hiking trails and getting perfect shots, he got down on one knee and asked the best questions ever! The ring is so beautiful and he made the day so perfect. I was crying the happiest tears of my life! Our big day is set for June 23, 2018.

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Special Thanks

Elizabeth Skelton
 | Photographer
Heidi Nichols
 | Planning