Laura and Trent

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How We Met

Trent Thompson and I met in the Spring of 2015. We both attended school at the University of West Alabama. I ran Cross Country and he was the quarterback of the football team. I was walking into the Field House, when I first noticed Trent. I was meeting with the football coach so immediately when I walked into his office I asked him who that guy was and he said “That is Trent Thompson, our new quarterback from Georgia. He transferred here from Tennessee Tech University”, I then demanded that Coach G introduce us. We spoke for just a minute and when I walked out I called my mom and said “Mom, I found my husband”. I was being incredible dramatic because I literally had switched names and hometowns with this guy, but I just thought he was perfect. I then went back to my apartment and added him on all social media sites.

We spoke one other time for just a minute at a baseball game and that is all that we spoke all Spring Semester. Then, On July 6th, I Facebook messaged him to ask him if he could go to a conference with me in Birmingham, Alabama for a weekend because we needed a girl athlete and guy athlete from West Alabama to attend. We exchanged numbers so we would not have to Facebook message and he texted me the next day and told me that he could not attend because he had football workouts and meetings that he could not miss.. and we just never stopped texting. The next week we went out first date to an Atlanta Braves game with a bunch of his friends and 13 days later, we were telling each other we loved each other. It was butterflies since the first moment we met and we are in love more than ever today!

how they asked

Last December, Trent and I camped at Max Patch Mountain with our friends Kreg Cook, Sydney Bruton and Mitch Long and on that trip we decided to make it an annual trip. We even invited a lot more people this year.

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We spent Friday night in Asheville, NC and then Saturday afternoon Trent and I drove to Waynesville, NC to pick up my friend Victoria who was driving up from Gainesville, GA to camp with us. In the mean time, our friends Sydney, Mitch, Craig, Megan, Grant, Corey and Morgan were setting up the proposal. They set out the wooden signs that Trent made and Sydney set everyone up in the perfect position for when I finally made it up the mountain.

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About halfway up the mountain, Trent stopped me and handed me hand-written letters with a date on each envelope. He then said “I’ll see you at the top” and him, Victoria, and our dog Cain took off in front of me. I then started reading the letters and ugly crying because what was about to unfold finally hit me. Sydney snapped pictures along the way and helped me hold all of the letters. Once I reached the top, I saw Trent standing in the middle with all of his friends on one side and mine on the other.

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My friends were holding a wooden sign that Trent made that read “Laura will you…” and his friends were holding a sign that said “Marry Me?” He then dropped to one knee and told me how much he loves me and that he never wants to spend a day without me.

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I, of course, said yes and we hugged and celebrated with our friends on top of the most beautiful mountain in North Carolina. December 10th, 2016 was a complete fairy tale! I could not have been more surprised, speechless and happy!

Special Thanks

Sydney Bruton
 | Photographer