Laura and Travis

How We Met: On our first date, Travis and I went on a hike around Garden of The Gods in Colorado Springs. About half way into the hike, we found some rocks to climb up so we could sit and have more face to face conversations and get to know each other.

As we talked we told stories about our past, mented current goals and plans for our future, and asked silly questions like, “If you could be any animal, what would you be?” (I said a giraffe, he said a wolf!) As we continued dating, we liked to reminisce about that day, our little spot together that overlooked (what felt like) the world, and when was each of our turning points that we just knew each other was the one. Image 5 of Laura and Travis

Image 1 of Laura and Travis

Image 2 of Laura and Travis
how they asked: On Monday, November 10th, I suggested to Travis that we go on a hike after work. He agreed and said he really wanted to go to Garden of The Gods again. Since Travis had been deployed for much of our relationship thus far, I thought that sounded like a great idea, to re-root ourselves where we started. As we entered Garden of The Gods park, a huge storm was rolling in. This worked to our benefit because it meant we had the entire park to ourselves!

We walked and talked a bit again as Travis led me back to our spot overlooking Pikes Peak. When we arrived there, he gave me a letter. In it, he wrote about all of his feelings he had while he was deployed, what he thought about me, us, our relationship, and where he saw our future going! Knowing what was likely coming, I started to cry and say “oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!” I was trying to hide my face since the cold weather was freezing mascara tears to my cheeks.

Image 3 of Laura and Travis

As I finished the letter and looked up, Travis was down on one knee, right where it had all began. He asked, “Laura Elizabeth Catherine Ferretti, will you marry me?”

Image 4 of Laura and Travis

I screamed yes and attempted not to send ourselves flying off the rocks as I jumped to give him the biggest hug!