Laura and Tim

How We Met: Tim and I met in the fall of 2006 at ColoradoState University. We had a history class together and also were both involved in greek life – He was an Alpha Tau Omega, I was a Delta Delta Delta.

We were both in relationships at the time of our meeting, but studied together through that first year of college, and saw each other often at social events.

In the summer of 2008, we were both single and ran into each other again through mutual friends. The stars aligned and we have been inseparable ever since.

Seven blissful years later we have moved quite a few times – from Fort Collins to Denver and currently to Kansas City – and even survived being apart for 2 years while Tim pursued his medical school degree in the Caribbean.

how they asked: In the early spring of 2014, Tim had just taken his first set of boards for medical school. I was crazy busy at work as a veterinary technician, and my mom had just had a major surgery. Tim had just moved back home to Denver that year, and after spending 2 years apart we were happy to just be living in the same country again, not to mention in the same state, city, and small one bedroom apartment with 2 cats and 2 big fluffy dogs.

I had a feeling the proposal was coming, we had been dating 6 years after all. Big moments passed by in our lives and I kept thinking this is it, he’s going to propose. I traveled to the Caribbean to watch Tim graduate, we got another puppy, ran our first half marathon together, and had even talked about and looked at ring options and styles. Needless to say, I was getting antsy and was let down each time when he didn’t propose at what I thought was “the perfect moment”.

Image 1 of Laura and Tim

In May 2014, Tim found out he would be moving to Shreveport, LA for 6 weeks to begin his clinical rotations in June. I was upset at this, but it was better than him moving back to the Caribbean, so I quickly got over it. By this point I had since given up on hoping for a proposal since he was so immersed in his studies. My mom had a major surgery that month, and I was spending my time between work and pretty much living at the hospital downtown.

On the morning of Wednesday May 28th 2014 it was bright and sunny in Denver and temperatures quickly soared into the 90’s. My mom had finally been cleared to return home from the hospital and I finally had a much needed few days off work. It was a good day! Tim suggested we take an impromptu camping trip with the dogs to escape the heat.

I quickly agreed, not knowing Tim had already been planning this trip for several weeks. Living in Colorado, we routinely camp, hike and fish, and camping bags are always packed and ready to go. It wasn’t long before we had the car loaded up and were headed up I-70 towards gorgeous views and cooler temperatures. Tim suggested we camp near Fairplay, Colorado and the collegiate peaks – somewhere I had not previously spent a lot of time.

We arrived at our campsite in the late afternoon, and had everything set up by early evening. The dogs were finally worn out from running around, and we were tired and hungry. We had packed some burgers and canned beans to have for dinner so we got our grill fired up. Tim mentioned that he needed a can opener for the beans, which I realized I had left in the car (Or he put it back in there purposely, I’m still not really sure!).

As the sun began to set, I returned from the car to Tim saying that our puppy, Nessie, had something in her mouth. I glanced over at her while trying to open the beans, determined that it was just her toy, and returned to cooking. Tim prodded me againImage 2 of Laura and Timsaying, I think it’s a dead animal! At this I went running to her, scolding her as I went. Being the happy puppy she is, she bounded to me, carrying the “dead animal” in her mouth. When she dropped it in my hands I saw it wasn’t a dead animal at all, and was in fact a scarlet red ring box tied up with a satin bow.

At this point I realized what was happening, and immediately started crying with stress from the past month, realization that I was still holding a can opener(!), and finally, pure joy. It felt like forever, but it wasn’t long until Tim joined me and was down on his knee – I was so overwhelmed I cannot even remember what he said.

I do know the dogs immediately tried to jump on him so he wasn’t on the ground long! Of course I said yes, and Tim was prepared with champagne and glasses in our cooler that he had packed as a surprise earlier that day. It was the perfect proposal for the two of us, and something no one else was witness to besides our two dogs.

As the sky got darker that evening, heavy storm clouds moved in and thunder and lightning took over the skies. The dogs grew increasingly stressed and eventually terrorized our campsite, spilling the baked beans everywhere and also what remained of the champagne.

We were eventually forced to pack up our campsite for the evening and return home, at the risk of bears being attracted by all the spilled food and the obvious danger of lightning strike. At the time it wasn’t that funny, but looking back on it now, I can’t imagine anything less. Our lives and our relationship through the past 7+ years have always been the perfect mix of chaos and harmony.

Photos by: Brinton Studios