Laura and Thomas

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How We Met

We began talking when he messaged me on plenty of fish. However the story is far more than that. We had actually met previously on a number of occasions at functions and friends of friends birthday meals. However we did not remember each other from those meetings. My message on plenty of fish was ‘don’t I know you from somewhere’ turns out, yes he did. Years before we had been sat at meals together, on nights out together and hadn’t even acknowledged one another. However it was like it hadn’t been the right time because when we actually had our first date we knew instantly we liked each other. Within 8 months were living together and just over a year and were engaged planning our wedding! A whirlwind romance indeed.

how they asked

He told me we were going on a date night so that I would dress up. He called me downstairs to help him with something (to which I said why aren’t you in the shower yet, as in my eyes we were running late). He was knelt next to the Christmas tree (this did not give anything away to me and we have a French bulldog and Tom is always sat on the floor playing with him so I didn’t take much notice). He told me he had bought a new bauble to put on the tree, he got out the bauble and opened it up whilst asking me to marry him.

Laura's Proposal in In our house

I said yes obviously and then he told me the entire thing had been streamed live on Facebook. It’s a good job I did say yes! Turns out there was no date night he just wanted me to look nice and not come down in my PJ’s. He had pre-planned for friends to come over shortly after with cake and fizz to celebrate :) so everyone knew but me!

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