Laura and Thomas

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How We Met

We met in 2012 through a mutual friend!

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5 years later we still love going to Disneyland!

how they asked

I knew that I needed to ask Laura to marry me in a special and memorable way. Earlier in the year I began to plan out an event that would leave her stunned. After we discussed rings in December of 2015, I set to work to make the dream a reality. Finally on October 11th, 2016 all of the planning came together. We went to what was supposed to be a normal day of student teaching at school. (We were both earning our teaching credentials). Unbeknownst to Laura, I had contacted her mentor teacher and instructed him to pretend that a district official was coming onto campus, and would require Laura to be dressed nicely. We went to school that day in matching lavender outfits that left the students giggling with delight. Earlier that week, I had casually suggested that we go to Disneyland after school to enjoy the light weekday evening crowds and to watch the sunset in Cars Land. With the bait laid out, we hopped in the car when the final bell rang at school and drove to the parks. Laura would later confess that she had her suspicions about this date, but was skeptical that I was going to propose because she couldn’t spot a ring box on my person.

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With no backpack either, she convinced herself there was no way I was going to propose that night. Every evening at sunset, Cars Land recreates one of the movie’s most iconic moments in real life. “Sh-Boom” by The Chords is played while the neon lights turn on one by one down the street. This song is Laura’s maternal grandparents’ wedding song and would be the perfect soundtrack to a life changing event. We enjoyed a normal day at the parks as I counted down the minutes to sunset. My plan had been poured over so that no contingency would be overlooked, and everything would play out perfectly. At last we arrived at the planned location with plenty of time to spare. I anxiously looked at my phone to ensure I knew exactly when to spring into action until the moment arrived. As the first notes rang out across Route 66 I stood up and two cast members approached us. A bag was delivered to me with only three items as its contents. First a photo book was produced and given to Laura. A collection of memories we made over the years was presented with a narrative that could only end with one question: “Will you marry me?”

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Through nervous laughter Laura choked out a yes, and with shaking hands the second item from the bag, the ring, was placed on her hand. Now that the hard part was over, the celebration could begin. My sister rushed out of the crowd that had gathered to watch the commotion and hugged Laura. She had driven to the parks in secret that day to deliver the bag and its contents. She enlisted the help of cast members who took it upon themselves to gather photographers to help capture the happy moment. It was then the last item from the bag was removed and delivered, and we could wear our “Just Engaged” buttons as the last notes of “Sh-Boom” faded into the hum of neon. After several calls to family members, a celebratory dinner was enjoyed at Blue Bayou with a waterside table, complete with sparkling cider and a personalized dessert. To end the night we drove to a nearby hotel and rested before we began our new life as an engaged couple.

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