Laura and Taylor

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How We Met

Taylor and I met over 3 years ago in Kingston, Ontario when I had just completed my undergraduate degree and he was working in the golf industry. Since we only had 3 months before I was moving back home to Vancouver, BC our relationship grew quickly. When I moved home we maintained our relationship long distance until Taylor made a leap of faith and moved to BC in October of 2014. Since moving to BC, Taylor has been working in finance and I have been working towards completing my 4-year degree in Naturopathic Medicine. Our schedules are really different but we always find time to dance, cook, and sing in our kitchen, and go on hikes. From simple everyday routines to planned vacations Taylor never ceases to challenge me, entertain me, and melt my heart.

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how they asked

On Saturday morning September 30th our morning unfolded as per usual. We made coffee and eggs and had a relaxing start to our day watching PGA golf. I studied all afternoon and Taylor watched the weather carefully as we had planned to go on a hike in the evening. At 4pm Emilie, Taylor’s cousin’s girlfriend, came to pick us up for the hike.

We drove up the Cypress and hiked Bowen Lookout trail, one of our favourites. The path was narrow so Emilie and I chatted away while Taylor walked behind us unusually quiet. As we got to the top the sun broke through the misty clouds Taylor had been worried about all day. We all rejoiced that our sunset hike was going to turn out better than we expected. Emilie whipped out her fancy camera for the sunset and asked if Taylor and I wanted a photo. I stood beside him my head against his chest to take the pictures and couldn’t help but notice his heart was beating ridiculously fast – I figured the last hill really got to him.

After taking a couple normal photos side by side Taylor turned to me and said “babe…” Immediately, I saw something change in his eyes and before I could process what was happening he was down on one knee. Then he pulled out the little black box, looked me straight in the eyes, and expressed powerful and personal sentiments of his love for me. Through joyous sobs I said yes!! The ring blew me away and I quickly gave Taylor my shaky hand for now and for always.

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Special Thanks

Emilie Ruddick-Messier
 | Photographer