Laura and Tarik

Laura and Tarik's Engagement in Naples, Florida

How We Met

Tarik and I met on a dating app and after not enough dates, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I didn’t say much and I asked him to drive me home. I remember calling my mom later that day and she said, “Laura, I think that’s nice that Tarik doesn’t want to date anyone else. You don’t have to marry him, just see how it goes.”

How They Asked

Four years later, during a visit to my hometown to visit my family, Tarik took me on a romantic dinner date overlooking the sunset. Following dinner we walked down to the beach where he asked me to be his wife and my response was much more reassuring, I said yes! Afterwards, he surprised me with my entire family back at the restaurant to celebrate our engagement!

Laura's Proposal in Naples, Florida

Special Thanks

Carla Charrier
 | Photographer