Laura and Shawn

how they asked

I always had an inner call to travel and explore. So, it was no surprise that I expressed a desire to travel for my upcoming birthday in 2016. The destination was to be Iceland to further explore our shared Scandinavian heritage and soak up a truly unique and breathtaking country. I completed the usual pre-planning for the trip while secretly the true plan of the trip was being set in motion.

While Laura left me to my in-depth research and planning that regularly occurs for our adventures, I was secretly designing a completely custom engagement ring for Laura. As if that weren’t a herculean task within itself I took it another step further.

I hunted down the small-town jeweler that was the exclusive custom designer and producer for Laura’s father for many of her childhood gifts as well as the wedding rings of her parents. Sadly, Laura’s father passed away while she was in high school and I wanted to have a part of him in our engagement. Successfully locating and working with the jeweler, I was able to design and have a one of a kind engagement ring produced for Laura.

As soon as the Jeweler called to say the ring was done I planned a trip to Massachusetts to pick it up. Done in complete secrecy I had to ensure I could travel and return undetected. Using the cover of an offsite work meeting, I boarded a plane for Massachusetts, rented a mini-van (literally the only car left) and drove to the jeweler with only two hours before my flight home departed. Luckily everything went according to plan and I retrieved the ring and returned home without any detection.

I kept the ring in my safe at work with daily ring checks throughout the days prior to the trip to Iceland. It became a scheduled work event with several of my co-workers joining in on the “ring checks”. As the day came to pack and depart for the airport I bought the ring home and prepared it for the journey. Arriving in Iceland Laura and I grabbed our rental car and set out to our rented lake house to settle in for the week. I had planned to pop the question at one of the many breathtaking waterfalls but just couldn’t find the perfect time, with the freezing temperatures, rain, and jam-packed tourists.

After a couple days of exploring Iceland and I having the ring hidden on me at all times, I was ready for a sign to do it! Finally on April 19th after hours in the car, miles of hiking in the rain we found ourselves on Reynisfjara Beach situated under the mountain Reynisfjall and the beautiful Reynisdrangar sea stacks just offshore. At first, I wasn’t sure if this was the place or the time until we found ourselves alone on a beach of black sand and next to a heart someone had made on the beach with red stones that seemly just appeared. I knew this was my sign to finally ask. Dropping to one knee I asked, and Laura said YES!

Special Thanks