Laura and Shane's Cheetah Proposal

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How We Met

We both worked in Primark on the same day, the same hours and never met.  Shane even remembers the call for a medic when I collapsed!

We then worked together at a Special Needs Adventure Playground together.  It was meant to be one of my last days and Shane had come home early from a holiday and worked as he needed money. He took the mickey out of me and the rest is history.

how they asked

We went to Australia for a friend’s wedding and decided whilst we were there to visit the famous Steve Irwin Australia Zoo (I’m a huge animal lover).  We got there and I was so excited as Shane had told me that we had got a private Cheetah experience! Shane went off to sort some bits out and I went to look around, little did I know that I needed to sign to say I agree to the cheetah encounter so by this point Shane was panicking as I needed to sign by a certain time.  He eventually found me and we went off and had a brilliant morning exploring the zoo and learning more about Steve Irwin.

The Cheetah experience blew my mind away! Sheeba was a stunning 10year old teddy bear who we got to stroke and got photos with.  On the walk with Sheeba the woman asked us if we were having a good time … This was Shane’s cue to get down on one knee in front of a Cheetah and a professional photographer! Lucky I have the photos to remind me as I was on cloud 29.

Everywhere around the zoo after that other guests and even staff members came up to us to congratulate us, and I’m still up on that cloud.

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