Laura and Shalako

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How We Met

During our Sophmore year of high scool, Shalako sat behind me in math class. Just like any other teenage boy, he liked to flirt! So he’d play with my hair & chit chat. This class wasn’t my favorite, but Shalako on the other hand is quite the math whiz! Seeing this as an opportunity to get my attention even more, he started helping me with my homework. Over that summer we spent more & more time together until Shalako officially asked me to be his girlfriend, 7/7/08 to be exact! We continued to date through their high school years & graduated together in 2010. Moving across the country from Idaho to Wyoming & now settled in Kansas, we’ve had many adventures! Together we enjoy archery & bow hunting. It has became a large part of our lives, which is where our proposal begins!!

how they asked

We love archery so much so, that we’ve gotten a handful of our friends into the hobby. Shalako asked me to plan his 25th birthday, February 4th, and get everyone together in the evening to go to the bar. So I picked a meet up spot & gave out the details for Shalako’s birthday. A few days before, Shalako said that he asked all our friends going out that night, to meet up at the archery range to shoot for a while before going out. So everyone met up at the range & it was decided we’d all shoot the walk through range (a set of 10 targets at different distances). After each target was shot, we’d all take turns pulling arrows from the target. When the 5th target was reached, it was my turn to pull arrows. So Jacob (a friend of ours) went up with me to “check behind the target” for any arrows that may have passed through the target, as that’s not uncommon. As I pulled arrows, Jacob reached behind the target to grab a sign that read “Will you marry me?”. As I turned to notice the sign, I was a little confused as to where the sign came from & why Jacob was holding it. As it “clicked”, I turned around to find Shalako on one knee! You can hear the confusion in my voice on the video recording of our proposal! Haha. All our friends shared the moment as well as snapping some photos and the video! We have set our wedding date for our 10 year anniversary this summer!

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Our Video