Laura and Robert

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Times Square Billboard, New York

How We Met

Funny story. We met in high school in 2012. I was the new girl. When we met he wanted to date me, but I said no. So we stayed friends and got to know each other. We were friends for three years after we met. I had moved abroad to finish my last year of high school and we lost contact. After I graduated I came back home and continued with my life, at this point I thought he had lost all hope of ever being with me.

Where to Propose in Times Square Billboard, New York

The surprise was when I showed up to his high school graduation and we started talking and getting more serious at this point, seeing how we were both done with school now. Eventually, we started hanging out a lot more and from there we just found ourselves finding it more difficult to be apart from each other. The first time we kissed, I would never forget, the way we were both shy and he was trembled in his knees, little did he know I was also weak in mine.

How They Asked

Fast forward fours years later to February 28, 2019, when he proposed in Times Square on a billboard. I did not see it coming at all. My family made it seem like we were going out to dinner and was going to take family photos in the city. As we’re walking through Times Square, my dad shouts “Hey Laura, what’s that?” I look up and started thinking ‘How the heck did that get there and why is it there?’ Totally not seeing the words above it, until I hear someone in the crowd starting to read it out loud. After I read what he had written above the photo, I turned around and there he was on one knee asking me to marry him. We’re excited to start this new chapter in our lives and to get ready for what comes next.

Special Thanks

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