Laura and Richie

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How We Met

Richie and I have a short and simple story about how we met- we went to Kindergarten together! Although my earliest memory of Richie is us in third grade when I actually hated him because he used to spit on me in class and tease me! My parents had to meet with the teacher about him. The teacher told my parents he probably just had a crush on me because he’s normally a good kid. By 6th grade, we had actually become good friends and started hanging out. We’ve been friends ever since and eventually started dating!.

how they asked

Richie and I have known each other since kindergarten, we dated in eighth grade when we shared our first kiss on my front lawn by a rose bush. We stayed friends in high school and started dating again senior year, when we first said I love you on my front lawn in front of the same rose bush. After being long distance for 5 years when we were at different colleges, Richie planned a full day for us the first weekend I moved back home. We went to a Yankees game that honored by favorite player, went out to dinner and then came back to my house where he surprised me by proposing on my front lawn, in front of the same rose bush! Our immediate families and best friends were inside my house waiting for us with cake and champagne to celebrate!

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