Laura and Richard

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How We Met

When Bucky owned Boone’s Bar, Laura became a fan of Wednesday night trivia. Being fairly new in town, Laura decided to ask Kain, groomsmen and general manager, one Wednesday if they were hiring. Sure enough, Kain asked Laura to come in for a quick interview with Greg the next day. She was hired while Bucky was on a ‘work trip’ to Kentucky. After having employed Laura for only a couple of weeks, Boone (through Bucky) invited Laura (and Charlie) over for a bonfire. On their first official date at 39 Rue de Jean, Bucky ordered a bottle of wine for them. This was the first time anyone had ever done that for Laura. She quickly realized he was a keeper (and very fancy). It was only a couple of months before they decided mixing work and pleasure wasn’t the best idea!

how they asked

On Friday, April 29th, Bucky and Laura were supposed to meet CJ and Michele (close friends) at one of their favorite restaurants on Sullivan’s Island. CJ and Michele were ‘running late,’ so Laura suggested to go for a walk on the beach to kill time. Laura immediately started collecting shells, per usual, when Bucky suggested she hold off until the walk back. A few minutes later, they came up to a perfect conch shell, half buried right where the waves crash. Being slightly gullible, Laura was ecstatic and thought that there could be a full conch, untouched, on Sullivan’s Island. Bucky ran ahead to pick up the shell and rinse it out for Laura. She asked if there was anything alive in it, and he replied “I don’t think so, but you should check.”

In the shell was gracefully written, ‘Will you marry me?’ (Courtesy of Kelley Wilds-Coastal Kelder) Bucky was on one knee saying how much he loved Laura and wanted to have a lifetime of adventures together, but all Laura could say was “Is this real life?!”

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Eventually, Bucky asked for Laura’s left hand and out popped Michele and CJ from the dunes. They enjoyed champagne out of fancy red solo cups with Michele, CJ, and Sean, who all captured wonderful photos that night. Sean had been sitting in a beach chair with a baseball cap on guarding the shell from children and tourists. (Bucky really did think this one through.) They insisted Laura and Bucky take a few moments to themselves while they went on to grab a table. Laura was once again surprised as many of her closest friends, coworkers, and even best friend Kristin were awaiting their arrival. The night could not have gone any smoother!

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Special Thanks

Anne Rhett
 | Photographer- Engagement Photos