Laura and Phil

How They Asked

We were climbing one of the mountains near our apartment on holiday in the French alps with my parents, my brother and his other half. As we reached the summit, Phil and I were ahead of everyone else so I lay myself down on the trig point at the top, exhausted from the climb, when I heard ‘Laura Louise Kite’.

Laura and Phil's Engagement in Mont Joly, Haut Savoir, France

I turned around to see him down on one knee, a tin of Kendal mint cake in hand, which he had opened to reveal the most beautiful ring I could ever imagine.

I thought he was joking, but as the rest of my family climbed to the top and saw what was happening, I realized it was real. I was sweaty, covered in mud with a baseball cap on my head, yet he said I was perfect.

Where to Propose in Mont Joly, Haut Savoir, France

Saying yes wasn’t something I needed to think about, he’s me forever and I’ve known it since day 1. It was pure magic to be able to celebrate with my family for the rest of the holiday, though climbing down the mountain afterward was really difficult on shaky legs and a lot of happy tears!