Laura and Paul

How We Met: Paul and I met in the summer of 2009 through a mutual friend when they were both in a band together. At the time, I was still attending college in upstate New York and was spending a lot of time falling in love with the city of Boston and thinking about my post-grad plans.

Fast forward to March 2010 when I was spending my last semester of college studying abroad in London. My flatmates and I had just wrapped up our spring break trip to Spain and Italy when I noticed that Paul updated his Facebook location to “Rome, Italy.” I messaged him and asked if he moved there for good because I had just left Rome. He responded saying he was just spending the month there and suggested that my flatmates and I go to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day. I had only met him twice and wondered why he would be inviting me to meet up with him in a foreign country so I kind of just ignored the open invitation.

During my semester abroad I was also in the process of applying to grad schools in Boston. I was accepted and made plans to move in to my new apartment in July, giving me a little bit of time to adjust before school started. Since I only knew a handful of people in Boston, I reached out to Paul suggesting that we get together. What I thought was just two friends grabbing pizza ended up being our first date and the rest is kind of history!

Image 3 of Laura and Paul

how they asked: I have been dropping some not-so-subtle hints about wanting to get engaged ever since we moved in together in July 2013. He was getting pretty tired of me obsessing over looking up engagement rings and wedding ideas on Pinterest and made it clear that it would happen in the next couple of years, but not just yet –he still had some personal goals he wanted to accomplish. So, I finally backed off a bit but of course whenever I was with my girlfriends we would talk about how we would react about getting engaged, where we would want our bachelorettes, etc.

Our anniversary is September 2nd which usually falls on or right after Labor Day Weekend and this year he decided he was going to spend the weekend visiting some friends in California, arriving back just in time for our traditional dinner at Morton’s steakhouse. I decided to plan a weekend on Cape Cod with my girlfriends from NY. The weekend was great –filled with lobster rolls, wine tasting, and sun bathing; the perfect end to the summer. My girlfriends left on Monday September 1st and Paul took the redeye back home that evening but I didn’t get to see him until after work on the 2nd.

The day of our anniversary we both worked and for me it was just any other day at work. I got home and had a couple of hours before our dinner reservations. Paul got home from work with a shopping bag in his hand and said he still needed to fill out my card. I wasn’t surprised by this at all since Paul usually waits until the last minute to get a card for any occasion. We both decided to exchange cards before we left to go to dinner. In addition to a card, he told me he bought floating wish paper and he wanted us to make a wish together, which we decided to do after we got home from dinner. He told me to think about my wish during dinner.

When we arrived at Morton’s, there were roses presented to me at the table. I was completely surprised because this meant that Paul had to plan this and make arrangements ahead of time which he usually doesn’t do. In the back of my mind I was hoping that tonight was finally the night, but I didn’t really think about it too much because I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

Image 1 of Laura and Paul

When we arrived back at our apartment, Paul insisted that we go out on our back deck to use the flying wish paper. We both hid what we wrote but I drew an engagement ring on mine. We lit our papers and watched as they flew into the air and eventually disappeared. We went back into the apartment and he said, “I know we said no gifts but I got you a little something.” He then pulled out a jewelry box from the jewelry store around the corner; the place I’ve been begging him to go into with me “just to look.” I opened it up and it was a white gold chain with what appeared to be an infinity band hanging on it. Paul knew that I have been in awe of a particular necklace that has an infinity pendant, but this looked like an incredibly poorly made knock off. I was disappointed but tried to act really happy. Paul could tell I didn’t like it. He asked me what my wish was and I said “you know what it is.” He acted like he didn’t know and I refused to tell him because months ago I had promised not to bring up the engagement again. He then said that it had been his wish that I liked the necklace more. I apologized to him and tried to tell him it was fine.

Image 2 of Laura and PaulHe then took my hand and said that he had something else for me. He led me into our living room which I was able to see was covered in candles (fake LED ones so our apartment didn’t catch on fire) and flowers and our song “It’s Just Too Good To Be True” started playing.

At this point I can’t even remember what was going through my head. I was worried about who was in our apartment while we were at dinner and was scared someone was going to pop out of a door. I knew something was up but I was having a hard time believing that this was actually happening. Paul then told me that his wish is to spend the rest of his life with me. He got down on one knee, presented me with his grandmother’s ring, and asked me to marry him. To this day we both can’t even remember if I even said yes because we were both so excited! (Obviously I meant to say yes.) Immediately after I put the ring on, we celebrate with champagne (which was provided by my girlfriends) and red velvet cake (my absolute favorite). He told me that my friends and sister knew this whole time and had even provided the champagne and champagne glasses. I just couldn’t believe that I spent a whole weekend with my friends and they didn’t spill the beans!

Ring by Adamas Fine Jewelry
Flowers by Lotus Designs