Laura and Oliver

Proposal Ideas At his parents house

How They Asked

We were opening presents at his parents’ house on Christmas Day right before dinner. Towards the end of the pile, he handed me a gift that ended up being boxes inside of boxes like 10x over and then in the last box all wrapped up was a ring box and when I opened it a bright light was on my ring for the prettiest presentation! He could barely kneel because our Newfypoo Gracie was on the floor right between us.

As I was opening all the wrapping layers I started to get so emotional and my breathing got all funny because I was so excited and nervous all at the same time. He was sitting right next to me the whole time, he was so quiet and after watching the video I saw how nervous he was it was so sweet! Then he took the ring and said “will you be mine forever” and he put it on my finger. Then everyone popped confetti all over us and they kept snapping away at pics as we kissed and hugged and soaked it all in!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in At his parents house

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