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How We Met

It was the last day i vowed to be on Tinder, like literally about to delete the App when all of a sudden ” its a match” popped up on my screen and this overly confident guy messaged me asking me ” Before we get to know each-other and things get serious, are you a peanut butter or Nutella kind of girl?” In my head i was thinking oh gosh what the hell? not another one. (sorry babe) But here we are two months away from getting married at our dream location, Italy. I guess he proved me wrong he wasnt just another swipe left kinda guy.

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how they asked

Let me tell you how my dream came true. It all started when we were on the plane from sydney to LA when he handed me the customs declaration form as he needed to grab something from his bag, he asked me to hold onto the customs declaration form, so i did, but he had forgotten that he had declared the engagement ring on the form for insurance purposes and i had caught that detail from the corner of my eye. Ahhhh i was like what did i just see? I was freaking out and went completely quiet. In that moment i was in disbelief because i saw ring and value but i thought maybe he had it because he didnt want to leave a ring at his apartment while we we were away. Yes stupid i know but he had always told me, ” i will never propose overseas” so that stuck with me. I was always hoping and wishing. As we travelled through LA, i completely forgot about the proposal. We were so excited to be heading to an actual paradise where we could relax. We landed in Mexico Cancun and instantly fell inlove with the Hyatt, it was heavenly! We checked in and the one thing i really wanted to experience was a dinner on the beach in a bungalow with our own waiter and a glass of bubbly. We spoke about doing it with the lady who checked us in for afew things and she suggested i be quick because they book out quite fast. So we arranged it then and there, Excitement was an understatement you see these dreamy pics on tumblr and you so want to live it ha. What i didnt know was my fiance had been planning for 6 months to propose and everyone knew, friends, family, work colleagues etc. He had been sending them updates on snapchat. while i was tanning he would mention to his mates ” she has no idea” They were all waiting for the news because he had set a date for the proposal. The day he planned to propose i was very unwell and needed rest for a few days to recover so the poor guy had to rearrange all plans and it was lucky enough that we got a free spot? i was quite shocked because it was booked out, but he had pulled strings and got the dinner sorted mid week.

The night My fiance proposed I was taking awhile to get ready, ” we have to be there by 6:30pm sharp if we are not there he will leave” he was really calm and collected about it, no stress at all. He knew i would be late because i do take awhile to get ready. Time past and he said ” im going to go down to let them know we are running late”, 20 minutes had past already and he still wasnt back i was wondering where he was then the door buzzed, i opened thinking it was room service or something. I opened the door and a a man greeted me with a tray of strawberries dipped in chocolate and a bottle of champagne. I then started to get really nervous that something was up. My fiance walked through the door within minutes later, sweating but very contained. I mentioned to him that someone came to deliver the champagne and strawberries and he said it was included in our package. So he didnt organise it? well they did because they knew he was proposing but i at this point believed him. He grabbed the Go pro on a selfie stick for him self to view the front and asked for me to switch on my iphone so it would record me me for our romantic dinner that night, this was no out of the ordinary because he made me get used to doing this in LA so i wouldnt have any suspicions. As we got down near the beach side he asked me to wait while he fetched our waiter for the night that was supposed to be there at the corner to accompany us. In the corner of my eye i saw an ipad pro sitting up, but without any time to think my fiance had already had my hand leading me to the bungalow and telling me had a surprise, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever. It was the most magical night of my life, i cant wait to marry my best friend, my soul mate. Our big day is 13 September 2017

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