Laura and Nick

How We Met

My best friend from college was marrying her high school sweetheart in October of 2012. She had been telling me about the groomsman she was pairing me up with, who was apparently my “perfect match”, for several months leading up to the wedding. We are both Italian, love sports, are very close to our families, and he’s quiet while I’m…… not. I remember leaving for the wedding weekend and telling my roommate “well, I’m off to meet my future husband!!” (jokingly). After Nick and I finally met at the rehearsal dinner, we felt an immediate connection and began a long distance relationship a month after the wedding (I was working at Disney World at the time and he was in grad school in Missouri). I came home and told my roommate “so… I think I met my future husband…..”

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how they asked

A week before our 3 year anniversary, my best friend asked if I wanted to get a massage with her at the hotel she got married at (and where I had met the love of my life). She said she had booked an appointment for two for her and her sister, but her sister couldn’t go anymore. I HAPPILY said I’d go with her. After our massage at the Four Seasons Hotel in St. Louis, we were relaxing in our robes and one of the ladies from the front desk walked up to me. She said “Ms. Rizzo, we have a note for you” and handed me an envelope with my name written in Nick’s handwriting. Inside was a note saying that “an extraordinary day lies ahead”, but I have to solve it “one riddle at a time”. My first riddle led me to my best friend’s in-law’s house, where the rehearsal dinner Nick and I met at was hosted. Waiting for us was a lunch that perfectly replicated their rehearsal dinner, complete with candles, the menu from that night, and photos of me and Nick. After we ate, her mother-in-law handed me their wedding album and said I might like to look through it. At the end was my second note with a clue that led me to a church – the church I was a parishioner at and one we had talked about possibly getting married at. When I got there, his brother was there to hand me my third note with a clue telling me to go to the jeweler we had gone to look at rings in the summer. When I walked in, I didn’t see anyone I recognized (did I go to the wrong place?!?!), so after standing there awkwardly for a few seconds, the owner of the shop came over and asked “going somewhere?!” while handing me my third clue. The final riddle told me to “go home and dress the part”. Nick put the address of the Four Seasons Hotel, our special place, and told me to meet him there at 5:00 PM. After going home and getting ready with my best friend, we drove to the hotel and got to the elevator. She said she would have to leave me, but told me to come up the elevator in 5 minutes – LONGEST 5 minutes of my life!! I finally made my way up the elevator to the rooftop, where I saw my boyfriend through the glass door standing in a suit and tie. I made the (very long) walk through the doors and across the rooftop to meet him. He was standing right where the alter was in the wedding we met at. He said the sweetest words I’d ever heard, called me by my full name, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. I said “YES!!!!” After the immediate shock, I asked if my parents knew this was happening, to which he told me that he had called them a few weeks prior to ask for their permission.

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