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how they met

Laura and Muneeb met in law school in 2008 (don’t worry, the story gets better). They had several classes together and were always casual friends with some of the same mutual connections. After law school, both ended up working at the same corporate law firm in Toronto for a short period of time before Laura made the move to her then only true love, New York City. While in New York, they kept in touch with periodic email exchanges or brief phone calls. Muneeb reconnected with Laura (surely encouraged by her Instagram posts in which her evolution into a true New York uptown lady boss was apparent) and there was a different tone to these chats. It quickly became clear that there was more to their relationship than just friendship. They were on the same page on so many critical things – values, career aspirations, future plans, Michelin star dining preferences, sous vide machine techniques and the controversy over juice cleanses.

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After a brief long distance relationship involving many samplings of Del Posto’s dessert offerings and Carbone’s lasagna, Muneeb somehow convinced Laura to leave her favorite place in the world, Manhattan, to move back to Toronto. Muneeb’s parents immigrated to Canada in the 70s from Pakistan. Laura’s parents are also Canadian immigrants and moved to Canada from Italy in the late 50s. The challenges associated with melding two families together, especially considering their respective Islamic and Catholic religions, were no obstacle for Muneeb and Laura. Muneeb’s parents have adored Laura since she first met them, bearing freshly baked paleo cardamom cupcakes in hand. As for Muneeb, he was an instant hit with the Salvatoris (what’s not to love – cappish?). It’s only a matter of time before Muneeb starts canning tomatoes with Laura’s father, brother and the neighbors. Laura’s mother passed away in 2014, but she would have been Muneeb’s number one fan.

how they asked

Of course, only one place was fit for the proposal in February 2017. On an ostensibly regular weekend trip to NYC, which began with Laura’s usual AM session at Barry’s Bootcamp and then a Glamsquad blowout, Laura would never have guessed what would come next. It wasn’t just a kale blueberry smoothie. After lunch at Nobu 57, Muneeb had set up a horse and carriage ride in Central Park (sorry Mayor De Blasio) where he dropped to one knee (in the snow!) and proposed to Laura with Bow Bridge as the gorgeous backdrop. A New York-based engagement photographer was there to capture it all. Laura was so happy she had worked out that day. Dinner to celebrate was at, where else, Le Bernardin. Best day ever. So far. After the engagement, Laura & Muneeb traveled to Italy where they were followed around the Tuscan country side by D2 Photography. Their photos are epic and unreal! Laura & Muneeb will be married at The Bellagio Las Vegas in May 2018.

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