Laura and Michael

senior year

How We Met

Michael and I have birthdays just a day apart… because we met on our birthdays! We were in college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My birthday is February 16th, and I was out celebrating my 21st at midnight between the 16th and the 17th with a friend whose birthday was the 17th. He asked if it was okay to bring along a friend who also had a birthday that night- and when Michael showed up I was instantly drawn to him. We spent the night singing karaoke and running around town with our arms linked. Unfortunately a week later I left to study abroad in Peru for 6 months, so we didn’t see each other until I returned to the states a few weeks before the start of our Senior Year! I ended up having a class with one of his best friends, so the three of us would meet up weekly for after class drinks. When I finally got the nerve to ask him for his phone number (this was in the early days of cell phones) he gave it to me and nervously ran away without asking for mine! After a series of missed connections, one night during a snowstorm we finally kissed and have been together ever since.

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how they asked

Michael and I love the outdoors, and we hike/camp/canoe year-round at our favorite Wisconsin State Parks. There’s one park in particular that has a multi-story watchtower that allows you 360 views that you can see for miles, including the State Capitol Building. We take the same picture there every season when we hike to show how the scenery changes- so Michael knew it would be the perfect place to ask! On a chilly Thursday, we changed into our hiking gear after work and set out to take our late spring picture on the watchtower. Michael was planning on proposing while I took the picture- but it was so windy and cold I only snapped a few and told him we should leave! He insisted we should take more pictures- and once he started grinning I instantly realized what was going on.

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Laura and Michael_2

He got down on one knee and all I can remember was telling him not to drop the ring off the watchtower! We sat on the tower for a while just talking about how excited we were to spend the rest of our lives together. Afterwards we went for a hike- we had so much adrenaline from getting engaged we couldn’t stand to sit still!

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