Laura and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I met at Michigan State University in 2008. We lived in the same dorm building and we’re (and still are) apart of a close-knit circle of friends from college. Our relationship was built on friendship. We didn’t start dating until our junior year of college.

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After I was accepted into pharmacy school, I moved down to Charleston in 2011 and Michael and I were in a long distance relationship for 2 more years before he got a job and move down to Charleston. Our roots will always be in Michigan, but over the years we have fallen in love with Charleston and are so happy to call it home.

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how they asked

On September 1st, Michael and Laura were scheduled to travel to Michigan for the Spartan’s season opener and planned on staying in East Lansing for Labor Day weekend. Little did Laura know that Michael had assembled the troops for Operation: Engagement in the weeks leading up to their trip. They landed in Flint with Laura donning her finest athleisure-wear (actually, she admits being too lazy to wear anything but gym clothes and a baseball cap) and Michael anxiously crossing his fingers that the plan would be executed flawlessly. Michael’s younger brother, Peter, was tasked with the ring handoff before they joined Mrs. Murray for lunch at the popular Peanut Barrel restaurant at the edge of MSU’s campus. Michael’s plan included a stroll on campus before arriving at a predetermined location for the knee-drop and ring reveal.

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Laura enthusiastically agreed for a walk after lunch, especially since it was 70 degrees and sunny. After meandering around campus and covertly waving down a family friend who agreed to photograph the moment, they arrived at the Sparty Statue. The crowds miraculously dispersed, and Michael knew it was his chance. He told Laura to put her phone away, grabbed her hand, and asked her to step up towards the statue with him. It was at precisely that moment when Laura insisted she blacked out, started sweating, and made a few awkward hand gestures before saying yes. Clearly, she accepted Michael’s proposal with more grace than she felt!

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Michael’s plan wasn’t done yet, however. Immediately after, they drove to Kalamazoo to celebrate with Dr. and Mrs. Eberhard–or so Laura thought. Michael had contacted Laura’s older sister, Rachel, about flying in to surprise her for the engagement. He had also rallied her closest friends and his entire family to join them at Eberhard’s home for a cookout. The day was nothing short of perfect, and Michael received plenty of high-fives and fist-bumps for a well-executed Operation: Engagement.

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