Laura and Michael

Laura and Michael's Engagement in Downers Grove, IL

How We Met

The first memory I have of meeting Mike is carrying groceries in at my Aunt Dana’s house. We were maybe seven or eight years old, and Mike was best friends with my cousin, Justin. Because of this, we saw each other at family parties throughout our elementary school years, but it was when we all started going to the same junior high that my crush on Mike began.

We started to to get to know each other better on family vacations to Michigan. From junior year of high school through junior year of college, we spent a week of each summer together. We had a few classes together throughout high school, went on a few dates here and there, and were in study groups together. When prom season arrived our senior year, we both knew that we would go together.

Mike asked me to the prom outside of my dance studio one night as I left class. He had decorated my car and brought me flowers and a giant card that said, “You’ve been practicing your dance moves for so long. Why don’t you show them off with me at prom?” We went, we danced, we had a great time. Then, we went away to college.

Other than the annual Michigan vacation, we did not see each other much again until I had moved home for student teaching. One night that March, I received a very out-of-the-blue call from Mike inviting me over to hang out with some friends. Almost seven years later to the day, as I sit typing this story, I am so glad that I decided to go.

how they asked

In October 2016, I taught my first Zumba class. I rented a space at my old dance studio for class (the same studio at which Mike had asked me to the prom!). I spent the day of October 10th as a big ball of nerves at the prospect of teaching my first class; little did I know, Mike was also a little nervous about his plans for the evening.

Mike asked me to marry him outside of the dance studio as I left class. He had decorated my car and brought me flowers, and, instead of a giant card, he had a beautiful ring and said even more beautiful words. Our families were there; we laughed, we cried, we celebrated!