Laura and Michael

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How We Met

Once upon a time, on a hot August night in 2009, at what used to be a bar named “Teddy’s Time Square” (and is now a pizza place), I met Michael. It all began on the dance floor, and for my friends and family, was not a surprise.

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Michael wooed me with his one and only dance move! After that, we dated for a few months, only to discover we weren’t ready to appreciate what each other had to offer. After a year apart, we reconnected, with the help of Groomsman Eric Anderson, on Detroit Tigers Opening Day, 2011. Michael knew he could find me back on the dance floor, singing at the top of my lungs to Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer. We shared a hug, one that neither of us will forget, and the rest is history!

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how they asked

After four years full of milestones, Michael popped the question, although not the way he planned. 6/6/15 was a beautiful day for a bike ride on Belle Isle in Detroit, MI. After seeing all the sights and riding around the island almost twice, Michael became frustrated to learn that the James Scott Memorial Fountain was closed, and he frantically attempted to formulate an alternative proposal than the one he had in mind.

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As they drove along the lake on Lakeshore Drive, he suggested walks on the beach, while I suggested lunch and a beer. This gave Michael time to formulate a plan and he asked for my hand in marriage under the gazebo at Blossom Heath Park.

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In fact, that romantic speech he had been preparing never even came out! He managed to fumble with getting the ring out of his pocket and tearfully ask to spend his life with me. I ecstatically said yes and our lives together officially began! Since our engagement, we have purchased our dream home together and welcomed our first baby, a golden doodle puppy!

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