Laura and Michael

How We Met

Mike and I met a few years ago at a mutual friend’s house. I always thought Mike was “the whole package.” Handsome, smart, funny. I definitely had a crush on him from the day we met. We continued to be friends for years. Here and there would send flirty text messages. I remember one day he texted me, “Head to TJ Maxx and get yourself a floppy head, we are going to a Polo match!”

Since we met through friends, it was common to hang out together in a group setting. From BBQs to game nights, beach days, and country concerts, we had experienced a lot together. But it was always shared with friends.

Fast forward to the summer of 2017. We must have spent every weekend together living up my last few months before I began Ultrasound school. In August, I moved to Providence, Rhode Island, about an hour from where Mike lived. I wasn’t physically far away from home, but I felt very disconnected.

I was leaving the gym one afternoon, and I got a text message from Mike asking how I was adjusting to living in my new apartment. The conversation carried on and eventually, he asked if he could come up to visit the next weekend. My first thought was…is this going to be awkward? We have never hung out alone before.

Nevertheless, I agreed. Our first date involved cooking dinner together and going out for drinks at a piano bar in downtown. We had an incredible time together and neither one of us wanted the weekend to end. From there, things took off pretty quickly. I’ve always known Mike was the one, even from the very first date.

After a few months of dating, he had disclosed to me that he has a quiet spot on the Mystic River where he likes to think. He informed me that this was the same place where he decided to ask me out on our very first date.

How They Asked

In April 2019, Mike surprised me with a trip to Paris for passing my Ultrasound Registry. We planned the trip together and decided to travel in the fall.

The day before we were scheduled to leave for our trip, I was so exhausted having worked 14 consecutive days. When I got home, Mike was outside walking our French Bulldog, Melon, in the front yard. He told me to change out of my scrubs and put on something nice for a picnic.

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I reluctantly agreed because it was a beautiful day, and I wanted to spend the day outside with our new puppy before our trip. Mike is very organized and loves to cook so when he said that the basket was already packed, I thought nothing of it.

Proposal Ideas Mystic, CT

After changing into a dress, I got into his car. It was a very short drive, but I kept asking where we were going. When he pulled in, I knew this must be the spot he always talked about. That little spot on the Mystic River.

Laura's Proposal in Mystic, CT

Mike, Melon, and I walked out onto the grass. As we started to set up our picnic, Mike took me by the hands and reminded me that this was the very spot that our love story had started. He then told me how happy he was that we had our own little family, starting with Melon and that he can’t wait to continue to grow together. When he asked me to marry him, I couldn’t imagine saying anything but, Y-E-S!

We popped the champagne to the future Nelson’s, and prepared to embark on what we are calling our engagement moon in Paris!