Laura and Matt's Photo Booth Proposal

How we met: We ran in the same crowd for a decade before the stars aligned in late 2004 and we started dating. We were married two years later and are quickly approaching out 10 year anniversary.

I (the husband), lived in San Diego when we met around 1991 and I still lived there when we started dating in 2004. We had some fun adventures in San Diego, one of our favorites being regular visits to the vintage photo booth at the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park.

It made sense (to me, at least) that I should propose somewhere in San Diego, then the idea occurred to me to do it in the photo booth. Being a dude, I did almost no planning and told no one, assuming it would all turn out. And it did! We now have a cherished photo of the moment I proposed to my wife.

Image 1 of Laura and Matt's Photo Booth Proposal

We got married about a year later at The Prado, which is right behind the museum, so of course we have wedding photos from inside the booth, too!

Image 2 of Laura and Matt's Photo Booth Proposal

Wedding Photo by Organic Photographs