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How We Met

Luke and Laura were blindly set up to go Luke’s fraternity formal together. Both were nervous, but excited to meet one another! After several text messages of getting to know each other, they finally met and hit it off immediately. After their first few dates, they became attached at the hip and there was no looking back. They both describe it as pretty much “love at first sight”.

They went on to meet each other’s families and fell in love even more. Luke hit it off with Laura’s parents and since Laura has always wanted brother’s and sister’s, Luke and his fun five siblings (as well as his sweet parents) were the perfect find.

Laura and Luke's Engagement in Destin, FL

Laura's Proposal in Destin, FL

how they asked

Let me start off by saying.. our proposal weekend was by FAR the best weekend of my life and LUKE CAUGHT IT ON TAPE (he got a camera pen from Amazon). I had NO idea he was recording our WHOLE proposal! This video will forever be special to us because we will be able to re-live this day whenever we want.

It was right after Christmas and before New Years Eve (aka the most romantic time of year). We had a trip planned to Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort with both of our families. My parents own a condo there, so it is basically our second home. Luke and I couldn’t wait to get both of our families together again. We live in Knoxville, TN and his family lives in Nashville, TN. Luke is the second oldest of SIX siblings! I am an only child and have always wanted brothers and sisters, so I guess I hit the jackpot ;)

To be completely honest, I knew it was coming.. I just didn’t know exactly when. We had talked about getting married for years now! Luke ultimately decided that proposing while with our families were around is what matters most. What’s better than sharing a special moment than with the people you love most?

On December 28th, Luke asked if I wanted to grab a “pre-dinner cocktail” down by the beach. I of course agreed. We were the only two souls on the beach; it was the perfect moment. Long story short, Luke shared words that I will never forget. It was truly the most memorable and special moment – he asked to spend FOREVER with me!!

Once we returned to the condo, I walked into a SURPRISE engagement party! Mine and Luke’s precious family spent all day decorating and planning to make our night perfect. (Shout out to his precious sister, Christi, for making our engagement sign!) Unfortunately, Luke’s older brother and his wife weren’t able to make it down for the weekend.

We spent the rest of the night sharing fun memories and sweet stories. I am forever grateful for my sweet fiancé, my parents, and my future in-laws!

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