Laura and Luca

Image 1 of Laura Del and Luca

How We Met

Depending on who you ask we both have different recollections of how we first met. My memory of it all began when we were in year 11, we had attended a party at a mutual friend’s house and began talking to each other. After talking for most of the night, we exchanged numbers.

If you ask Luca he will tell you we met before this night at the cinema. As time went on we spent almost every weekend out together with our friends. Time passed and as we moved into year 12 we began talking, this lasted almost two years. Fast track to September 14, 2013, and we were ‘finally official’. It’s no surprise that he took 7 years (almost to the date) to *finally* propose.

How They Asked

I am still in shock that Luca planned the most magical – fairytale-like proposal (he must have had enough of all the insta-worthy proposals I would send him DAILY!).

As we have done each year, Luca took me out for my birthday and said he had planned a romantic lunch at a fancy restaurant in the rocks. I had my suspicions that something was happening but not to this degree!

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Lunch finished and he suggested we take a drive around the city. Luca, a man who knows the streets of Sydney like the back of his hand began saying “I wonder what is around here”, as we drove past signs that clearly marked where we were. He parked the car and encouraged me to go on a nice walk ‘to see the view’. As we approached the Rotunda I could see the most magical setup with the question Will you marry me?

Image 3 of Laura Del and Luca

I don’t remember much about what he said or if I even replied with a yes! (Of course, that was my answer!) I just remember time freezing and seeing the man who I have loved for so long, who I had gone through many of life’s ups and downs, the man who I
knew I was put on this earth for, down on one knee asking me to be his wife!

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Special Thanks

Laura Del Vento
 | Planning
Captured By Kirri
 | Photographer